What We Do

A1C partners assists our clients in solving their problems and achieving their objectives.  we sit side-by-side with our clients and are trusted advisors.  our expertise spans a number of domains within the public sector homeland security, law enforcement and intelligence domains.

Open Source Intelligence Analysis (OSINT)

As the U.S. Government (USG) wrestles with the challenge of utilizing Publicly Available Information (i.e. “Open Source Intelligence” or “OSINT”) in a manner that advances our national security and law enforcement capabilities, while remaining true to our nation’s guiding laws and privacy expectations, A1C Partners provides the USG with a team of experienced advisers capable of navigating the changing laws and policies that guide this space as well as experienced analysts well-versed in the technical practices of Publicly Available Information research, collection, and analysis.

At A1C Partners, we are U.S. Citizens first, trusted advisors to federal agencies second. Rather than approaching our client relationships like most consultancies, “burrowing in” to entrench our company’s position, we seek to help USG organizations build and enhance their own internal mastery and knowledge of OSINT tradecraft in order to serve our nation more effectively in the 21st Century. To this end, we leverage our policy and analytic experience across the Departments of Homeland Security, Defense, and Treasury, as well as the private sector, to help our client’s achieve measurable, sustainable, improvements in capability and effectiveness within their critical national security programs.  

Program & Project Management

A1C Partners brings the best mix of Program and Project Management experience and training to our clients. Our consultants are certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as Project Management Professionals (PMPs), however, we know that a certification alone does not mean good program execution. Our consultants have real-world experience managing federal government programs and have faced the challenges necessary to understand how to individually tailor the PMI processes and tools to each unique project and organization.

Strategic Planning

A1C Partners has developed processes and solutions that enable government agencies to treat their IT systems as investments rather than as purchases. Our domain expertise in a variety of mission areas makes firm uniquely qualified to guide our clients in the strategic planning process so that they may achieve their short, mid-, and long-term goals. In a challenged federal budget environment, our consultants work with clients to prioritize projects that will show the highest return on investment and will leverage existing investments to avoid unnecessary increases in O&M costs. By executing the capital planning and investment control (CPIC) process, our consultants assist government executives in documenting strategic goals of the investment, in implementing appropriate and objective performance measures, and, most importantly, in demonstrating a positive return. In doing so, we enable traceability between the organization’s IT strategic plan, program delivery, and execution.

Policy Planning and Execution

While agencies are often guided by long-term strategies based on the missions and values of their organizations, policy is often the foundation of government programs. A1C Partners interacts with all levels of agency personnel and senior leadership to provide vision and support while maintaining a focus on mission-driven priorities in compliance with applicable policy constraints. Our firm has a demonstrated ability to research and develop guidelines or policy requiring coordination between agency components or outside entities (i.e. local, state, tribal, federal, international) in support of successful mission performance. Our team regularly handles correspondence, recommendations, or executive-level briefing material regarding topics that may garner Congressional interest. The client’s message is easily translated to spreadsheets, slides, white papers, think pieces – and completed in a skilled and timely manner.  In short, we “open the aperture” with our breadth of proficiency regarding domestic and international public policy and its networks in the homeland security, defense and intelligence communities.

Software Development

At A1C Partners, we leverage Agile/DevOps development principles to quickly design and develop software solutions that meet our customers’ unique performance, quality, and delivery needs.  Our firm utilizes Scrum-based project methodologies built on impact assessments and cost/time estimates and integrates continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines as well as software maintenance services based on defined service-level agreements (SLAs). Our DevSecOps practices integrate development and operational teams and mitigate security risks early in the development cycle. Our software design and development support includes, but is not limited to, SharePoint, .NET, data system support, Microsoft and Linux server support, web development, and data curation and decision analytics.

Data Analytics

A1C Partners enhances our client’s decision-making by collecting, combining, analyzing, and visualizing information. Combining, analyzing, and visualizing massive data sets to identify potential threats, emerging trends, and key themes requires highly skilled technologists and data scientists with deep experience across a wide variety of tools, and knowledge of mission-critical datasets.

Our firm’s analytics practice merges leading edge analytics trends, tools, and practices with creative design skills and mission knowledge to provide insights both novel and impactful to our clients.  We create work products with decision-makers and leaders in mind. We help our clients understand data and make efficient decisions, leaving them better prepared for the future.